At Black Angus Bakery, we take great care and thought in making your special birthday occasion, mother’s day or seasonal celebration a delicious savory treat!

Our customers are talking about it:

Susan and Trevor:
Our friends have tasted many treats from your bakery and are raving about you. In their words – you are fabulous!!
The cake was absolutely stunning. Susan, your decorating is flawless. Beautifully done and your writing – I’ve never seen your equal. It was sublime. Thank you so much. Continued success!!!!


Black Angus cakes never dissappoint. My daughter requested a cake with flowers and the number nine, sent her vision to Black Angus and they nailed her vision she was so happy! and it was SO delicious, they never disappoint.
Lyss Goegan-Myers


This birthday cake made for a very happy 7 years old (and it was delicious!
Ashley Gropp-Flach


Everything, what ever I buy is just excellent and tasty.
Shirley B.


Amazing Birthday cakes and pies.
Amanda B.


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