About Us

Trevor and Susan are known for their friendly reliable service in providing the best quality homestyle cooked meals and sweets for the community for over 17 years.

”  Selections and flavours vary daily and are a reflection of our creativity and special requests by our valued customers “

We use only AAA Black Angus Beef, grain fed and locally raised by Tim Yungblut of Hickson as well as many other locally sourced ingredients and produce.

Locally Produced

Black Angus Bakery and Catering meats are locally produced Black Angus Beef, supporting local farmers and the community.

Always Fresh

Freshly baked pies, scones, tarts, muffins and cookies and a great selection of breads. Custom cakes are made for your special occasion; birthday, weddings, anniversaries, baptisms and community events with unique quality designs & baked fresh for a delicious memorable time.

Ready to Eat Meals

Ready to eat meals are popular for university students, busy parents, seniors and anyone who enjoys a delicious homestyle cooked meal.

Gluten Free

Visit our gluten free section of delicious meals and sweet treats. All items are made by us to ensure the quality you can trust and fabulous taste you can enjoy. 

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